Xinyu Enameled Copper Wire in the Process of Entering te Enamel Furnace

The softness of xinyu Enamelled Wire is an important indicator in use. Winding in the framework of the coil, such as the xinyu enamelled wire due to poor softness and rebound deformation, the coil diameter becomes larger, not accommodate within the framework; around the rectangular coil, due to the rebound will bounce out of the slot. Softness directly affects the processing quality and labor productivity of the coil windings.

Affect the corner of the springback factor: degree of annealing. In the fully annealed wire, there is little or no residual internal stress. When doing the rebound test, the material only relies on the strain potential energy caused by the test itself to rebound, so the rebound angle is small. During the drawing process, the intermediate annealing process is 5 to 6 smaller than the direct drawing process. The faster the vehicle speed, the larger the rebound angle. Fast speed, annealing time is short, the rebound angle increases.

PRODUCT :Enameled copper wire –

STANDARD :IEC 60317-34

DATE :26th,Jun.,2017

TYPE :QZ-2/130

SIZE : 0.250mm


1AppearanceIEC 60317-0-1:2005 3.3Smooth SurfaceQualifiedQualified

2Conductor DimensionIEC 60317-0-1:2005 4.10.250±0.004mm0.250Qualified

3Over-all DiameterIEC 60317-0-1:2005 4.4.1≤0.297mm0.287Qualified

4Minimum Film ThicknessIEC 60317-0-1:2005 4.3.1≥0.032mm0.037Qualified

5ElongationIEC 60317-0-1:2005.6≥ 22﹪31Qualified

6Electrical Resistance (20℃)IEC 60317-0-1:2005.50.3345-0.3628 Ω/m0.3480Qualified

7Breakdown Voltage (Room Temperature)IEC 60317-0-1:2005.13≥ 3.9KV5.8, 6.5, 5.4, 5.9, 6.2Qualified

8Continuity of Enamel FilmIEC 60317-0-1:2005.14≤ 5 Pinhole0Qualified

9Springback TestIEC 60317-0-1:2005.7≤ 56˚52Qualified

10Bar Winding IEC 60317-0-1:2005 8.1Coating No Crack (db)No CrackQualified

11Jerk TestIEC 60317-0-1:2005 8.3Coating No CrackNo CrackQualified

12Heat ShockIEC 60317-0-1:2005.9155℃*30min, Coating No Crack No CrackQualified

13RoHS Confirmation RoHS RequirementQualifiedQualified

The thicker the film, the larger the rebound angle. The paint film itself has elasticity. When it is wound on the rebound angle tester, the xinyu wire itself is subjected to tensile stress and bending stress. When the external force is removed, the elastic deformation of the paint film itself needs to rebound except for the Enameled Copper Wire – xinyu-enameledwire itself. The higher the oven temperature, the smaller the rebound angle. Xinyu Enameled Copper wire in the process of entering the enamel furnace, the equivalent to continue to be a softening.